The link between Nature and Mental Health

Nature and outdoor spaces are guaranteed to make your life better – not only physically but also mentally. Increasingly, we are starting to have important conversations about the connection between nature and mental health. Moreso as the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded onto the planet. 🦠

Experts have linked exposure to nature to a host of benefits. These include improved attention, lower stress, better mood, reduced risk of psychiatric disorders and even upticks in empathy and cooperation.

Scientists have focused most research so far on green spaces such as parks and forests. Researchers are now also beginning to study the benefits of blue spaces, places with river and ocean views.

“There is mounting evidence, from dozens and dozens of researchers, that nature has benefits for both physical and psychological human well­being,” says Lisa Nisbet, PhD, a psychologist at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, who studies connectedness to nature. “You can boost your mood just by walking in nature, even in urban nature.”

It was like a sucker punch to our daily routines. It forced human beings to isolate indoors which is showing to have a detrimental effect on mental health statistics. According to, 30% of the UK population has reported living with some kind of mental health issues. 🧑‍⚕️


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