Short-term joint staff training event “How to create social inclusion through outdoor activities”

The goal of this training is to ill discuss and work on the application of the Methodology of work required for different project phases.

The researchers will train young workers for future application of project methodology and will prepare them for active participation in all project activities, especially one when they should serve as educators of young people.

The training will take place in Larissa, Greece in the period between 12-14 October.


Hiking: An affordable and healthy outdoor activity

Many people took up hiking as a hobby in 2020. I was easy to do, affordable, and also quite healthy. As we have all come to realize during the pandemic, inactivity can and will lead to several health issues: some can include cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity, and even diabetes.

But, the good news is that physical activity coupled with nature is essential and also affordable. Evidence has shown time and time again, that physical activity improves your physical and mental health.

Our last article outlined the benefits of running. This time we are going to focus on a less intensive but equally effective activity – and that is hiking 🥾⛰️.

The hiking experience is unique. Not only does it oxygenate your heart, it helps keep your mind sharper and your body calmer.

Hiking in itself, is less stressful than maybe other forms of exercise and can be done by almost all people with various levels of physical activity.

Hiking can happen almost anywhere—from a city park or public garden to a mountain trail—and give you that dose of nature you need to stay happy. But hiking also requires something many other forms of exercise don’t: tracks and trails. People have to navigate in a world that’s not entirely expected. Hiking keeps your focus sharp and your brain active through out the whole experience.

These are all our reasons for trying out a hike. Can you think of any as well? Let us know in the comments!