Download the official project handbook here

The Handbook will be designed to provide materials, information and instructions that will support young people outdoor experience, improve their mental health, social connectedness and cohesion. It will integrate experiences and ideas from participation in outdoor activities, feedback from storytelling and drama method as well as particular instructions sets developed based on educational seminars during project activities, upgraded based on study results and recommendations from health and educational authorities on the national and international level.

Particularly, this handbook will contain activities, games and simulations in 30 different chapters, one chapter for each day of the month. The activities presented in
the Handbook will be its core part on which other contents will be developed. The main focus will be to select and present different outdoor activity and games for each chapter, one
chapter for each day. They will include different outdoor games, traditional movement games in nature as well as activities that are an essential part of being outdoor and are important
for surviving in nature such as: orienting, moving in woods, picking a suitable place for camping, preparing the campfire, finding drinkable water, preparing food in nature etc.

The main focus will be on outdoor activities and games that should help young people to move, to be active, to have fun, explore and express themselves, connect with others and support the
overall outdoor learning experience.